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Windows 8 is finally here and when you start with a brand new operating system, you know that one of the first things you do is download the apps. The Windows Store is pretty new and is not stocked with everything people will want just yet. Let our Win 8 App developers help you reach this new market quickly.

Windows 8 App Development

A great Windows 8 app might just be a practical idea that comes to life for the platform & SDI has lots of experience bringing ideas to life. On Win 8 Tablets, the browsing experience is excellent.

Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft's Surface, epitomizes the trend to tablet based computing. Getting in touch with your inner geek has never been more fashionable. We provide innovation in multiple dimensions such as responsive design to distill down the essential user experience elements, gesture capture to model the nuances of user interactions and of course sensitively tuning the software to the capabilities/limitations of the platform.

Windows Apps Designs

SDI can build innovative Win 8 apps in many segments. For eg: guided sales enablement where the sales rep is able to walk the prospect through a full interactive show and tell while still creating an intimate bond with the customer. SDI is experienced in making such solutions work even in offline mode where there is intermittent connectivity to the cloud making the Win 8 platform, an integral part of a user in the field.

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