Website Design

Website design and redesign is an essential aspect
to growing a modern business. SDI has 200+ PHP and .NET developers with at least 5 years of experience and a degree from an accredited university. We have designed over 2,000 websites
in every industry imaginable.

Our core value is to create a robust website that reflects you and your business perfectly. We take pride in creating a stunning website that
you can be proud of.

Website Development

The top websites come from web developers who can provide strategic and technical expertise to fully customised websites for large enterprises to small businesses looking for something simple using a ready-made-framework. No matter your needs our developers know exactly what tools and technologies to use for your project.

Technologies & Platforms

We use a variety of technologies to create amazing websites. Whether you have a business website, e-commerce website,
a line of web applications or apps, there are many tools like
.Net, PHP, Magento, Wordpress, Zend, Angula that can
make it perfect.

A responsive web design means your user base should
always be able to view your website no matter where they
are and on any device. On a mobile device, everything has to look just as amazing as it does on a computer. When your business is ready we can migrate to other platforms like
mobile devices or the internet of things so it all comes
together as one cohesive strategy.


After evaluating your project we will provide you a fixed
cost based on a flat rate of $20/hr. The cost of creating a
website starts at $1500. We also provide flexible options
for you to choose from that can lend to any budget. We
want to build you a website you can be proud of without
feeling the pain of high costs.

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