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HTML5 takes the web into the world of fluid animations, multimedia streaming, social integration, high definition graphics & interactive browser capabilities. All that without the hassles of building Flash, Silverlight, Java or other additional plugins into modern browsers. Fewer third-party components will lead to an era of cleaner, faster and robust website development.

HTML5 Websites

As HTML5 rapidly gathers adoption, its consistent usage across the web will be but a matter of time. HTML5 delivers a big shot in the arm for media playback and offline storage. Gone are the days when hunting down plugins before playing media from within a blog or webpage was a staple requirement. Now, with a little tag play, sites can directly pull out media content without any plugins.

HTML5 Framework

The cross-platform capabilities embedded in HTML 5 smooth out device disparities making for a flawless browsing experience. Apple's embrace of HTML5 over Flash has sent definitive signals that the HTML5 era is well and truly upon us. This is triggering a revolution in gaming and other apps build on geo tagging references.

HTML5 Support Internet Browsers

SDI's engineering team is experienced in several cross platform frameworks that facilitate rapid development with ability to generate code that works across different device OS's, e.g. RhoMobile, Appcelerator and PhoneGap. We can help convert an existing software or website into a Web App using HTML5. This will open new windows of opportunities and engage your audience like never before.

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