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Think of Smart TV apps as means for connecting to the Internet and for creating integrated app platforms. Help users access many TV centric applications like Netflix, Hulu and Epic. New apps are being launched regularly. There are now more than 300 million consumers in the world who regularly use Smart TV applications. Find your destiny in creating a smart TV app through us.

TV Centric Apps

The parallel usage of tablets and mobile phones as a second screen while watching TV is surging. Smart TV's like Samsung, Sony, LG and related entertainment devices like Boxee, Roku, etc. are changing the landscape of interactive entertainment content. Media companies, TV set manufacturers and network operators are increasingly deploying Smart TV apps on their platform that are capable of multi screen usage.

Smart TV Entertainment Devices

Smart TV platforms can support global distribution, content providers can choose to distribute the content internationally to be able to reach new kinds of customers. This may be high end, attractive niche content, not commonly found via traditional broadcasting. We can help you be among a new range of niche content providers reaching new consumer groups via Smart TV.

Smart TV App Development

We have built Apps for Most of the Major Smart TV companies. Engage with SDI to build your Smart TV app and you will connect with your user base in ways never before possible.

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