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Ever shrinking electronics have brought the holy grail of pervasive computing ever closer. Wearable gadgets beyond just mobile phones, like FitBit for health, JawBone Up that monitors all of you, or the Pebble Watch that raised $10M in funding on Kickstarter are but the start of this tsunami.

Wearable Gadgets

Coming up close to a head near you is the much awaited Google Glass with its head mounted sleek display and Microsoft's version incorporating augmented reality. For those who can visualize wearable apps in this world of ubiquitous personal gadgets it represents a completely virgin territory for launching innovative apps that truly stretch the boundaries of touch computing.

Google Glass

Work with SDI to create breakthrough solutions with our expertise in apps development for personal gadgets or headless devices. Join the Internet of Things and ride its wave to success with us. If you have a product in mind which will benefit tremendously by an App, then talk with us and we will form a solution together.

Internet of Things

SDI has the talent needed to build such software solutions our software engineers can appreciate what it is to work with newer hardware platforms and the skills to render a great app for your smart device.

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