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World class custom development for Apps, Websites & Business Software. It starts here! The world of Apps has tremendous opportunities and here are some examples of App segments that can succeed.

Entertainment Apps - Build and get your entertainment app on the world stage, ready for prime time like HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Netflix Mobile or Fandango. Access is needed for different types of streaming and Video services, make one that will stand out and provide great value to its audience.

Gaming Apps - Get your fun and novel mobile games built and go to market rapidly. Track ad spend through data analytics. Leverage 3D, sensors and Augmented Reality.

Utilities Apps - Everyone dreams of their perfect Utility app which can bring order to the world. Make your app come alive with our help. Join the ranks of Evernote, gQueues, Asana and
other perfectionists.

Enterprise Apps - Embrace the Bring Your Own Device and Bring your own App wave with Mobile Device Management. SDI can build you your own App Store or your Business App and you can safely distribute mobility apps to your staff, vendors and Customers through our secure and scalable platforms.

Educational Apps - Let us create the most engaging educational apps and you too can, Flip the classroom like Khan Academy, re-invent paper textbooks with real-time readers, reach millions with your knowledge like Coursera & Udacity and transform Education and Elearning.

Productivity Apps - Have us build apps to increase worker productivity with collaborative/social project feeds, realtime mobile access and infuse the power of Siri like intelligence in every interaction. Think out of the Box about an App that can change people’s lives in Increments and you will be laughing all the way to the Bank.

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