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Understanding the transition from desktop to mobile is not simple. Users may favor a tablet in the morning before work to get up to speed and move to a computer for other stuff. We use them for quick checks and quick updates. So different technologies imply different usage psychologies.

Remote Desktop Applications

The psychology of desktop usage is more and more favoring "work" – and everything else is a little more fun. Yet what a publisher or advertiser can do with a small screen is different what they can do on a large screen mobile. It's a less immersive experience on an iPhone versus on the iPad.

Desktop Mobile Applications

We at SDI, separate smartphones and tablets when talking about mobile, the environments and user behavior. Mobile and desktop are also different, because these represent different kinds of usage. SDI transforms the Desktop to Mobile experience because our app development experts are versed in the art of combining all the functionalities required to achieve the best design for your app.

Desktop Mobile App Developers

It’s becoming an 'app first, website second' kind of universe. Contact us today to converse on how to bring the Desktop experience for your website or Software to Mobile devices and you will receive partner level advice on the first call.

Mobile Desktop Development Melbourne