Why The Internet of Things Predictive Capabilities is Important

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

By now most of us have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, it still remains a mystery to many of us. We’re all using it on a daily basis because it’s pretty much everywhere. Like most technology, it will continue to grow throughout the years and will probably never stop. Before we go to far let’s discuss what it really is.


What Exactly is IoT


There are over 8 billion various devices around the world. The number of these little devices is growing substantially. They are connected to the Internet of Things and provides different information. Don’t let the word internet fool you because these devices don’t necessarily need the internet to work. However, do keep in mind that we use other devices such as phones which do need internet to connect with these IoT devices.


What can this technology do you ask. Well, the possibilities are almost endless. It can be used for something as simple as turning on lights in your house to something as complicated as operating an entire city. The whole point of IoT and these devices are to eliminate the need for human interaction. They can communicate with one another getting whatever job needs to be done completed.


To give you a better idea how IoT can be used check these out:


Let’s take your smartphone. You use it every single day for various different reasons right! Well, imagine before you even go home you can turn the lights and heater on. You can even see what you have in your fridge to decide if you need to stop by the store.


One of the largest sectors using IoT is self-driving cars. The entire technology for that is reliant on it.


These devices are being placed in plane engines to help the technicians and engineers gather data.


Many cities around the world are putting these devices up to help them manage and understand everything.


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Your Business and IoT


Businesses can benefit greatly from the use of IoT in so many different ways. Imagine being able to get useful information from every sector such as tracking products, your customer’s information, and even your internal processes. This information would greatly help you improve how each sector is run.


Let’s dive into the details of this information you can gather. Data science is somewhat similar to IoT. Some businesses use this which allows them to gather data about different aspects of the business. However, the amount of information can be overwhelming so there are tools to help decipher it, but that’s a whole other thing. IoT takes it a step further by using its predictive capabilities.


Predictive Capabilities


A good starting example of this is the weather. Yes, we’ve had the technology for a long time that is able to predict the weather. Now it’s been taken to the next level with so many more things that can be predicted. Even with the weather, IoT can improve the accuracy of these results. They use things like sun levels and wind speeds to help.


Even your business can benefit from weather predictions. It sounds strange but the weather does affect our behavior. The way people shop, the number of calls to customer service does in fact change based on the type of weather. Using that knowledge can help a call center determine if they need more people working that day.


Beacons (a type of IoT device) can be installed throughout various retail stores to help them understand every customer that comes in the door. When that customer stops at a particular item and lingers versus them walking past it says a lot. Everything a person does can help predict what future customers are going to do which helps those stores stock the right items and place them in the best areas of the store.


As mentioned one of the largest industries involved in IoT is vehicles. The automakers can install devices that help predict issues that could happen. It can help save the automaker money as well as save lives by minimizing accidents.


There are so many different possibilities out there. The Internet of Things is a great technological advancement that any business can benefit from. No matter what kind of data you need it can help you improve so many different aspects. Imagine what those predictions can do for you.


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