What Businesses Are Thriving During COVID

November 10, 2020 | Sunil Singh

As we all know the year 2020 has been devastating for a large number of businesses. Several business organizations had to close down and several people lost their jobs thereby gravely affecting their livelihoods. The crisis created by coronavirus will be felt for a long time according to experts.

In these dark times, there are some businesses that have not only survived but have also thrived. One of the main features common to the ones that thrived is these offer services at the doorstep, thereby maintaining social distance and avoiding personal contact.

Here are some businesses which are in high demand.

1. Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services that sanitize offices, homes, etc are in high demand. The reason is obvious. Fear due to the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a great increase in demand. There have been reports that organizations offering cleaning services have done mass recruitment.

Due to the demand, several new players have entered the field, while the established organizations are seeing a great increase in business volume. Frequent cleaning is being demanded by health centers, homes, and other business establishments.

2. Delivery Services

This is another service which is doing very well. The various restrictions and advice have ensured that people stay at home and services which provide grocery and other goods at your doorstep have seen a serious increase in demand. Amazon grocery delivery for example reported huge profits during the pandemic. Even smaller delivery businesses have seen a surge.

This demand is not restricted to Nationwide delivery services, demand for local delivery services which cater to customers in small towns have also increased considerably.

3. Grocery Stores

Business is booming for grocery stores both big and small. People have been stocking goods to avoid frequent visits and also since restaurants have closed or are restricted, eating at home has increased. Local Grocers have been requesting more stock in order to meet the demand of their customers.

4. Meal prep delivery services

People staying indoors, eating out in restaurants has come down drastically. This in turn has led to a spurt in services that deliver complete meals. Since working from home is now pretty common, several people have started using these services as a way to not only save time cooking but also a great way to avoid the grocery store and even learn how to cook.

5. Tech Startups

Startups that cater to consumers in-house requirements such as entertainment, fitness, etc are doing well. For those starved of outside entertainment, gym activities, etc., these services are quite valuable. Such startups are getting a lot of funds from Investors and Venture Capitalists.

6. Telehealth Services

Visits to health centers and doctors have decreased for general non-emergency visits. Unless it is absolutely necessary, people avoid going, since there is a danger of being exposed to the virus in such places. Telehealth Services which enable the patients to consult their doctors online has become very popular. Naturally, as technology plays a great part in telehealth services, both startups and established players involved in telemedicine technology are seeing a huge boom.

Investors are showing a great interest in Digital Health startups because of the increase in demand for telemedicine.

7. Online Tutoring Business

Schools have closed and several of them have moved online. This transition has created problems for several students and parents. To cope with this change several of them have opted for online tutoring by private tutors. Reports suggest that competent tutors are in high demand, especially the ones who are good with new-age technology.

By all indications the businesses mentioned above will continue to thrive, even after the pandemic is over. The key factor is to keep innovating. The change to online from physical is here to stay. If your business is related to any of those industries or if it’s not you can convert or adjust your business to incorporate elements that are popular and needed right now.

You can discuss your needs with the team at SDI by calling +61 422710780 or emailing us at sunil@sdi.la. We are here to help your business succeed during these difficult times.

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