Wearable Tech: The New Fashion in the Tech World

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Gone are the days when applications solely nested on your Smartphone’s home screens. Applications have moved on from phones to various toys, nifty everyday tools and now, augmented reality devices. There are several products on the market that can be controlled solely using an app on your smartphone; the number of such devices keeps growing at a rather consistent pace.

As devices like these increase in production, they obviously need to be filled with content in order to raise their sales volume. Creators of such content, mostly comprising innovative applications are left in the hands of the Gadget Apps Developers. Such communities specialize in the development of apps for several gadgets that are now taking the industry by storm. Apps Developers Australia (SDI), an innovative tech firm based in Australia has been excelling in the gadget apps development arena since its inception and has now carved a niche for itself.

Gadget apps are soon to be required in devices from all walks of life. Consider the massively hyped Google Glass which is wearable technology based on augmented reality. It projects a Heads Up Display (HUD) on the lens of what appears to be an extremely well-designed pair of glasses. Being developed by gadget apps developer teams all over, applications for navigation, fitness, and others can be designed from an entirely new perspective.
Another extremely reached out the rumor is the anticipation for iWatch, the Silicon Valley giant Apple’s next said venture. The iWatch is expected to be designed to link with iOS running devices, for displaying a live feed from microblogging sites like Twitter and other miscellaneous feeds. Apart from the regulars, the venture might open doors to a brand new category of applications, which may comprise well-thought games or gesture controlled actions. Gadget apps development at companies like Apps Developers Australia (SDI) has already hopped on the bandwagon of wearable apps.
Although the iWatch is yet unconfirmed, there are smartwatches that are very much available in existing markets. The crowd-funded ‘Pebble e-watch’, a smartwatch that had its screen based on e-ink technology was the most backed project on the fundraising platform, Kickstarter. The Sony Smartwatch, the first Smartwatch to be coupled with Android handsets was another popular for wearable tech.
Chancing upon this fresh wave of development opportunities, companies like Apps Developers Australia (SDI) have relentlessly been developing for such wearable technologies which have been on the rise in the form of sensor-laden clothing to application controlled R/C toys. The gadget apps development team there incorporates clean and intuitive design into its apps, along with captivities’ menus to make navigation in the app a rather pleasant experience.

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