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June 7, 2021 | Sunil Singh

Till just a few years back, the only option for people who loved reading was hard copy books. Things have dramatically changed recently. The shift to a mobile-focused world is affecting readers too. It’s not that the physical books have lost their charm, readers still love them and not just for the look and feel of a hard copy book but also for the smell of a real book, the ability to take notes, etc. A lot of them though have shifted/added to reading books online as it is more comfortable and has a lot of advantages. Digitalization has revolutionized the way we read books.

The ebook market in Australia is projected to reach more than 132 million AUD in 2021. This shows that more and more Australians are buying ebooks online.

Below we will review some of the advantages ebooks have over printed books.

1. Easy to carry

A voracious reader cannot always carry his favorite books with him. Unlike physical books, ebooks are easy to carry and you can read them wherever you want. It is quite easy to download them, unlike printed books where you will have to go to the store or order and wait for them to be delivered.

2. Storage

A single ebook reader can hold thousands of ebooks which is simply amazing. You never need to worry about the storage limit. This is very useful especially for students as they don’t need to carry heavy bags, they can store all the books in a reader.

3. Easy to update

Since these are mostly cloud-based, an author can update any information they wish without having to do a reprint. This saves a lot of money and time.

4. Easy to share

An ebook can be easily shared with other readers. If allowed, a person can read the book from anywhere. You simply have to share and they can have it instantly. There is no need to mail it out.

5. Easy to read

There are a lot of features available wherein you can change the size of the font, color, brightness among others. The reading can be customized based on the reader. You can choose features that do not cause strain to your eyes and provide you with a rich reading experience.

6. Environment friendly

Ebooks are quite environment friendly, unlike physical books where millions of trees need to be cut to enable paper printing.

7. More interactive

Ebooks can be embedded with both audio and video files. There are several other interactive features which will make reading a more joyful experience.

8. Affordable

Physical books are much more costly than ebooks. You can save a lot of money by buying ebooks instead of printed ones.

Popular reading apps

Here are some of the apps popular among readers in Australia.


This is an online audiobook that allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks. You can browse, purchase and listen to a huge selection of audiobooks. You can listen to your favourite books while commuting or cooking. This app is owned by Amazon and is quite popular.

The main disadvantage is you may end up spending more than you need to. This is basically a monthly subscription and if you are not able to listen to one audiobook a month, then this is not for you. Also being an audiobook you are likely to miss the illustrations and graphics.

Amazon Kindle

This is a free download app and has many features such as X-ray and Whispersync. It has a well-designed marketplace where Kindle unlimited and Amazon prime members can select and download ebooks directly in the app.

Certain disadvantages are it needs a keyboard to navigate and also there is no Epub support. Epub is widely used and is an open file standard for e-books used by free and public online libraries.

Libby By Overdrive

This is a library app through which you can access books from your public library by just entering your library card information. This app allows you to sign into multiple libraries and download or read books. It is also possible to listen to books offline and sample any books. It is almost like having the entire library online.

The drawback is that this being a library app the database is restricted to what your library holds and also there is a time limit.


This is another popular app owned by Amazon wherein you can rate, review and add books to the “want to read shelf”. You can also enter into discussions with your friends and know what they are reading. It is basically a social networking site for writers, readers, and other lovers of books. The app also recommends books based on your rating and choices.

The disadvantage according to some readers is that the recommendations can sometimes be way off the mark. Readers are sometimes recommended books in genres that they have never read, simply because two books share a word in the title.


This app is basically for non-fiction readers and is a book summarising subscription service. This is for people who do not like to read the whole book. It breaks down the key takeaways and gives you content that’s around 15 minutes of audio or text. The way the reader can get the key points of a book quickly.

The drawback is that you may miss out on the humor and story of the book and also there is no fiction category.


This is an app for both readers and writers. Readers can connect with writers and vice versa on this platform. There are certain unique features such as readers can leave comments by individual lines and paragraphs. This is a great app for first-time writers.

The major cons according to some are there are no serious books and also you will find a lot of incomplete books.


There is a huge market in Australia for reading apps. The population having at least one e-reader in the household is just 15% so there is a lot of space for a new app. You should contact us if you would like to have a more customised app that will help you as a reader, writer, publisher, or businessman. SDI has developed highly customised and unique apps for all kinds of businesses. Call us at +61 422 710 780 or email and we will help you have a reading app that is a winner all the way.

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