Top 5 EdTech Startups in Australia

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EdTech Startups in Australia

EdTech Startups in Australia

Apps for EdTech is not something we hear about much in Australia, this industry has a few big players. More than that, the overlap between Gaming and Edtech apps is clear: the tactics used to improve engagement are almost identical in both fields (more so than other apps). And Australia’s Gaming App industry made almost US$115 million in 2015-2016.


For proof of this exchange, look no further a new Minecraft mod, called Polycraft World. This Mod has taken the popular video game and transformed it into a tool that teaches children chemistry. According to the lead researcher, Dr. Ronald Smaldone, students appear to grasp complex concepts easier than traditional methods.


While this is preliminary research, it points to how powerful the industry of EdTech is and how the Gaming industry can help. As a global company, SDI has first hand experience in both of these fields, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the EdTech Startups in Australia that are making waves.


1. Spriggy


Spriggy is an app-based Startup designed to teach kids how to make money. This startup’s emphasis is a little different than the traditional definition EdTech. We normally view EdTech as something to help with traditional school topics; Maths, Science, Literacy, etc. But Finance is a skill that is just as important and we should be educating our children better.


Spriggy focuses on teaching children how to have good money spending habits by provided branded prepaid credit cards. Parents simply put a set amount of money on the card (through the app). It allows parents to manage their kid’s spending habits and shows them how to save towards a monetary goal. It costs money, but they give you a month to try it out for free.


2. Literatu


Other than having the coolest name on this list, Literatu is probably the best example of how technology can evolve how we teach kids. First, it’s completely customizable so teachers don’t need to change their teaching style. It simply lets you turn your existing course materials into an interactive digital form. Also it improves teacher’s feedback and grading times by 75%.


On the student side, this Software platform tracks student learning, analyze the data they gather, and provide teachers with actionable reports. So in other words, it saves time, provides the best digital tools to understanding student progress, and gives teachers tools to improve said understanding. All without changing a teacher’s style. No wonder it was a finalist in the US EdTech Digest Award!


3. MathSpace


Like Literatu, MathSpace is another Platform-oriented service, but focuses on teaching students math using individualized learning plans that are self-directed by the students. Even better, the platform has an embedded textbook (CCSS) so teachers know that students are studying the right material.


With the support of the DIgital Workbook Feature, students can get video help instantaneously on the problems they are facing. These hint and help features use a complex AI algorithm to understand exactly what the student needs and how best to help them.


4. Velpic


Did you know that you have to keep learning after 18? I was surprised too! But that’s why you have startups like Velpic, an Employee training platform. Velpic allows business owners to create training materials via an online system, delivered through this system (even without internet connection), and allows owners to track who has completed what lessons.


This is a great Human Resource Management service because it allows managers to ensure that employees are learning what they need to know. Additionally, it allows managers to create known training systems that are established throughout your entire organization. This is an invaluable tool to the business owner trying to bring everybody on to the same page!


5. Kanopy


This is the Service I wish I had had in university. It’s a massive online database of over 26,000 movies (both Documentary and otherwise) aimed at K-12 and higher educational institutions. This company works with both the BBC and PBS, it contains foreign films, Social Science videos and Ethnographies, and even video reports of scientific research studies.


Born in Perth, Kanopy is now a global corporation, with a second office in Sydney, and third in the US’ infamous Silicon Valley. It functions in 118 countries, services over 3 million members, and now extends its services to public libraries around the world, in addition to schools and universities.


Clearly, Australia’s EdTech industry has some innovative players, but we still need to grow more in this sector. Edtecj apps and software services are excellent ways to not only make some money, but to change the lives of students (young and old).


So if you’re a teacher or an administrator whose got a plan to change education – or just a clever person with a clever idea – give us a call at 0422 710 780 – or click to contact us!