5 Things to Know When Hiring an App Developer

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5 Things to Know When Hiring an App Developer

Technology is constantly growing and evolving. Over the year’s technology companies have grown to meet the tech demand. Mobile apps were created to help make all our lives easier by having information accessible from our mobile devices. This need for apps has led to more app development companies.


You may be thinking there are a lot of apps in the market, we don’t need anymore. You would be surprised at the ideas people have and that spark new innovations. There are those that even build apps that are similar to something else out there but do they do it in a way that speaks more user interest and still becomes a sensation. Even if you have a glimmer of an idea, a great app development company can help you take that idea to the next level. However, there are many companies out there so it can be hard to know which one is right for you.


Here are the 5 most important things to look at when considering a development company:


1. Creative Ideas and Feedback


Once you reach out to these companies and let them know what your idea is, they should be able to give you feedback that can take your idea even further. They will have a real conversation about what will work and what won’t and give you insight into the market. This is what makes a great partnership. What you want to watch out for is companies that just tell you yes no problem we can build your app but offer no other information. They just say yes and take your money. Avoid those types of companies at all costs.


2. Project Examples


You can ask companies to provide you examples of projects they have created. If they can’t provide anything to you that is a major flag. However, if they do provide you examples, make sure it’s not outdated looking either. You want real examples that are current. That will ensure you are working with a knowledgeable development company.


3. Making it a Partnership


You can hire someone to just program the app and that’s it, but it should be more than that. There are many steps to creating an app: concept, design, programming, marketing, & maintenance. You need a partner to help you through all those steps, especially after your app is in the marketplace. You want someone who can market for you as well. It’s not enough to just launch an app, you want to get users and a good developer knows this. You should definitely ask them if they provide marketing efforts.


4. Know the importance of UI/UX


The most important part of your app is the User Interface and User Experience Design. Without a high-quality design, your app will face many issues. They need to have a team that can understand the steps involved in designing your app and be able to determine the functions and how the user will click through the screens. If they can’t provide this then programming will be a nightmare and therefore launch will not happen. The design is ultimately your decision, but a creative team can create something beautiful for you to choose from so your users have the best experience possible.


5. Don’t Focus on Cost


Finally, when it comes to finding the right price for your project, you have to be very careful. This is probably the most important because everyone wants to find the best deal. The issue with just focusing on finding the best deal is that you can end up with companies who can’t actually deliver what you want. Here are a couple examples of why things aren’t always as they seem.


Many development companies ask for 50% upfront which is completely normal. However, once you pay you won’t hear back from them. If you do, it’s after a long time of waiting. You will keep asking them over and over and finally, you get a little piece of your project and it is nothing like what you asked for. In the end, you end up wasting a lot of time and money from a company that was never going to complete the project the way you wanted.


Many times you will find companies that are working on your project but after a little time, they say they need more money for this and that. Without that money, they will not move forward on your project so you end up feeling stuck because you don’t want to waste the money you have already spent. In the end, you will end up spending more than you would have with one of the slightly higher priced but legitimate companies.


An app development company should provide you a spec document which outlines your project and all the functions involved so everything is clear on both sides. If they don’t provide this, then the end product could be anything. Don’t be discouraged though, there are plenty of great companies out there that can provide you excellent services for a fair price like SDI.


The best development companies are usually ones that have an office in Australia (or a country with stricter business laws) but have their developers in countries like India where the cost is lower. This gives you the security of doing business with an Australia based company but with lower pricing.


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