The Rise of Robotics Due To Social Distancing

March 9, 2021 | Sunil Singh

The pandemic has changed the world. Due to the highly infectious nature of the virus, social distancing has become necessary. The way we live, work, interact have all changed, forcing us to exist virtually both professionally and personally.

This in turn has accelerated the use of robotic technology to meet the various demands of industry and everyday life. Social distancing has made robots almost a necessity as they offer contact-free alternatives.

From decontaminating hospitals to measuring temperature, robots are being increasingly used. In a way, robotic technology is leading the fight against the pandemic. Experts say that some sort of social distancing will be necessary even after the crisis ends.

More and more organizations are turning to robotic process automation(RPA) to streamline operations and to reduce costs. This involves using software bots or robots to automate repetitive and routine tasks. This allows the employees to perform work which brings more value to the business.

Several industries have become leaders in the adoption of robots, both for safety and increased productivity.

1. Cleaning

Robotic cleaning machines offer several advantages. They are increasingly being used to sanitize workplaces, hospitals, industries, and restaurants thereby avoiding human intervention. The danger of spreading infection is completely eliminated.

Employing robots can also help cleaning organizations’ service facilities, offer a much better service, and keep the customers happy.

2. Food Delivery

With the pandemic, many people prefer having their food delivered to them by robots as it is much safer. Several restaurants and delivery services are using robots to meet the demands of the customers.

Previously it was only brands such as DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) which used to deliver pizzas using robots. It started in Australia and was one of the first autonomous pizza delivery units in the world. Now small businesses are turning to robots as it is not only safe but costs are less, productivity is more and above all the customers are satisfied.

3. Grocery/Retail

Robots are mostly used for providing customer service in-store, managing inventory, and to bring the store to the customer. They are also being used to scan shelves so as to alert the employees when the products are out of stock.

For example, Australian supermarket Woolworths introduced robots to make their services even more efficient. The robot moves along the store’s aisles and alerts the staff in case of any hazards.

Also to allay the fears of customers, robots are used to deliver groceries at home. The customer no longer needs to visit the store for their needs.

Studies indicate that there are several trust-building factors such as convenience, excellence, enjoyment, personalization, and novelty which leads consumers to adopt robots.

4. Healthcare

Robots are increasingly being seen in healthcare settings. It is quite common to use robots to disinfect rooms or deliver prescriptions. With Covid, the usage of robots in hospitals has shown tremendous growth.

In several hospitals when a patient is discharged, robots immediately sanitise the room and send the confirmation thereby helping the hospital admit new patients without any delays. This is a great help during emergencies, especially during the pandemic.

It seems that patients are quite comfortable with robots attending to their needs. You can come across robots handing over towels, medicines, or food in hospitals. The robot is critical in minimizing infection risk to patients and doctors.

5. Recycling Industry

Organizations providing recycling services are using robots and are seeing a growth spurt in their business. The industry was struggling during the initial stages of the pandemic due to its workers getting infected but it has bounced back rapidly once they started using AI-powered robots to weed out trash and recycle the rest.

There is no stopping robotic technology now. They are going to play an important role in almost all future businesses. The worries of job losses are going to dissipate as people will find how the robots are literally saving lives.

Only companies which are fully automated can thrive in the future. Adapting robotic process automation improves accuracy, reduces human error, and creates a lot of value. It also empowers employees as they only need to perform meaningful and more creative work.

To ensure that your business grows and survives it is essential that you adopt robotic technology now. You can always get the services of a company like SDI who will be able to guide you through the various ways in which AI and RPA will help your business grow.

We have highly skilled and experienced programmers who can add value to your business and develop highly customized products. Our programmers have a thorough knowledge of RPA and AI.

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