The Importance of UI & UX in Your Website or Mobile App

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Importance of UI & UX in Your Website or Mobile App

Importance of UI & UX in Your Website or Mobile App

There are so many apps and so many websites for just about every subject matter out there. We search and find these from many different types of devices and gadgets. How long we use an app or how long we stay on a website is heavily determined by what we see and then how we use it. If we don’t like it we get rid of the app or leave the website. That idea is truly what UI and UX are for.


What is UI/UX


Chances are you’ve heard this before and maybe you even know the basics of what it’s for. Although it becomes a pretty popular topic among those how to create apps and websites, many still are unsure of its purpose. If you are thinking about creating or already have an app or a website then read on to discover the most important piece you could be missing.


UX means User Experience where UI means User Interface. When it comes to web and app design they are equally important but for different reasons. The best way to look at it is with UX, it’s all about how you navigate from one screen to another, the touch per say. When it comes to UI it’s all about what you are seeing such as the colors, shapes, and the placement of all the pieces.


To help explain this a bit further let’s go through an example. Think about your favorite website where you make purchases or look up information. When you land on the website think about what you see, the colors that they use if they are using pictures, where those pictures are placed, and where content is placed. When you look at everything there are things that you like which you may not even realize but it’s part of the reason you keep coming back.


The User Experience


The whole point of the user experience is to make the navigation through an app or website as simple and easy as possible. You can think of this as the relationship between you and the customer. If you about to develop an app or a website you really need to think about how the user will get from point A to point B and then re-evaluate it even more to simplify it.


This is really where your focus should be. Many people think development or programming is the most important part but it is not. You should spend most of your time on figuring out the best UX. In the end, this is what is going to get you leads and make you stand out.


User Interface


Most people are more familiar with UI which as mentioned is what you see as far as the colors, shapes, placement of everything on the screen. You want to make sure your mobile app or website looks beautiful to the users. That is why this along with a great UX can really make your break you. A good rule of thumb is to think about your target audience and what their problems are and how you can answer those problems. This will greatly influence the design that you should use.


When you start the UI process every color you choose has a different emotional response. Even shapes create a certain type of emotion. To think of it in a simple form think of a stop light. Red means stop and green means go. Usually when we see these colors that is what we think of. The same goes for shapes. With so many different options for design, it is good to know what every color and shape means so you know what to pick.


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The importance of UI/UX


It’s been touched upon already why UI and UX are important. To go further you should think about what apps or websites you use a lot and why. Of course, certain functions are important to help your life, but there is more to it than that. Why do you use those over other apps or websites that do the same thing? More often than not the answer has to do with design.


Understanding why people like something is important and being able to incorporate that into your app or website will benefit you greatly. Even if you are already in the market, updating the design could increase downloads/webs conversions. You only have a few seconds to impress someone so it needs to look the best and be easy to navigate.


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