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7 Questions to Ask When searching for a Mobile App Development Company

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

When getting started with a mobile app development project, there are a lot of things to consider. If I were to choose just one thing you need to know and you only had to time to read about seventy words, it would be this: make sure your app development company understands your vision and the keys to your success. Beyond that, here are 7 important questions to ask potential developers. Read More

Expert App Development Need not Cost a Fortune

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

Almost any business these days offers some kind of app, and it’s no wonder why. Mobile apps can do a lot to enhance businesses by increasing exposure and delivering information to their customer base.

But for any company venturing into this territory, there are a lot of things they should consider in the interest of cost effective app development. Many developers charge as much as $100 an hour, but Software Developers (Australia) Pty Ltd (SDI), a mobile apps development company based out of Melbourne Australia offers rates as low as $20 an hour. Read More

Custom Apps Rule the Roost in the World of Information Technology

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

In these times when business practices and needs change so frequently and new trends are set every other day, apps developed for mass markets do not serve the purpose. The “one size fits all” approach is no longer valid in the world of technology.

Businesses often feel the pinching lack of the unavailability of the precise software which addresses all their needs. There were times when more often than not such software and apps were simply not available in the tech market. This led to the emergence of custom app development which was all about customized IT solutions for a business.

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