How Safe and Secure is Your Mobile App

August 30, 2021 | Sunil Singh

Apps are very important in our daily life. From when our day starts until we go to sleep, we use mobile apps all the time. There are a variety of smartphone apps available, ranging from meal ordering to sleep aids. There is an app for almost anything these days.

There are more than 3 million apps in the Google play store and 2 million in the Apple app store. Life without apps seems to be almost impossible now. The mobile app industry has been making billions year after year.

Apps carry a lot of sensitive data which can include your personal information, banking information, business transactions, and a lot of other details. A breach in data can be disastrous.

There are more than 1000 data breaches each year in Australia alone. According to reports in 2020, the average total cost due to data breaches in Australia comes to around $3.35 million.

A data breach can badly affect the credibility of your business. Reputation is a prized asset for any business and just one episode can damage the reputation of your brand permanently.

Let’s look into some of the more damaging consequences that a data breach can bring.

1. Financial

A financial data breach can cause havoc to your business. You may have to compensate customers, pay legal fees, invest in creating new app security measures among others. This can also potentially damage your business for years to come.

2. Reputation

Along with losing the trust of existing customers, you lose the ability to attract new customers. Nobody likes to interact with a business if they feel that it is not secure enough. It is very hard to repair the damage caused to the reputation of a business.

3. Downtime

You may have to shut down operations completely to ensure a proper investigation or to estimate damages. This may take weeks or even months. You will have to pay the specialists to eradicate the issue and also the operational costs associated with the lockdown. You will have to overcome a lot of difficulties before the business can recover.

4. Compensation/Legal action

People can claim compensation if their data has been compromised. National Australian Bank had to pay A$686,878 in compensation to customers for a data breach. For small businesses compensation claims and legal fees can be cripplingly forcing them to shut down their businesses.

5. Personal data

Losing personal data can have disastrous consequences for individuals. Just imagine a cancer patient losing his or her data. It affects the treatment and life itself may be in jeopardy. Loss of biometric data, credit card information may ruin a person’s life.

How to check if an app is safe

Before installing an app you should look out for certain things to ensure that the app is safe to install.

    1. Avoid downloading apps from stores other than Google play store or the Apple app store. The reason being these stores have stringent security conditions thereby ensuring safety and security. Android apps are primarily installed through APK(android package kit) files. Google app store vets all APKs hence it is safer.

    2. Once in a while, malware-containing apps may even sneak into established app stores. It is essential that you check the developer and verify that they are trustworthy. A quick search on Google can give you this information.

    3. Check the number of downloads, if there are more downloads it is more likely to be safe.

    4. Read reviews and also check for spelling and grammar errors. A real app will have a lot of reviews and also the developers will make an effort to see that the product description is error-free. Avoid downloading apps that have spelling errors.

    5. Make it a habit to read through all the permissions before installing. This is important to avoid handing over the device to fraudsters and hackers. Be wary of permission requests that are in no way related to the app’s purpose.

Mobile App security

App security is indispensable. We have seen how data breaches can ruin businesses and lives. For us at SDI security starts from the very first code we write. We follow the best security practices from the beginning until the end.

We will briefly explain some of the best practices which will keep your app safe and secure your device.

Secure code

Malicious code is a kind of harmful computer code designed to create security breaches and data theft. Malicious code affects more than 11 million devices at any given time. The quality of programming code is also very important. Low-quality code can lead to major security risks. Poor quality code also leads to expensive problems that often appear much later.

Professional coders at SDI always minify and obfuscate the code so that there is no possibility of it being reverse engineered. We follow the highest standards in coding thereby ensuring flawless apps.

Mobile app testing

Continuous testing is essential to identify and fix bugs. This testing should be done at every stage of development not just at the end.


Ensure that every single piece of data in the app has been encrypted. This protects the data and without the key, nobody will understand even if the data is stolen. Encryption can protect your app from all types of hackers.

Careful while using libraries

Be very careful while using third-party libraries. It is always better to use internal repositories. In case third-party libraries are unavoidable, the code should be thoroughly tested before being used. If there is a security flaw, your system can be hacked.

Safe API

Use the only APIs that are authorised and coded properly. Experts recommend that APIs should be authorised centrally for maximum security as these play a vital role in app development.

Mobile app scanner

You can also install a strong app scanner that can scan apps and warn you against installation if found malicious or vulnerable. Scanners can act as a defense against fake and infected apps.

Educate users

The users should be educated to follow the best practices to avoid a breach. They should be encouraged to use a strong password. The apps should be designed in such a way that it accepts only strong passwords. Passwords should be renewed frequently. Some of the other options are multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication, etc. to be used especially in cases where apps are using sensitive data.


We take pride in developing highly functional apps which are very secure. Being security experts our security measures keep evolving, as we are very much aware of new threats that are always around the corner. We give our all to ensure an amazing user experience for your audience. We take pride in being one of the best app development companies in Melbourne.

Partner with us to develop a highly secure and amazing app. Call us at +61 422 710 780 or email us at

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