Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Business

February 18, 2021 | Sunil Singh

The disruptions brought about by the pandemic have been unprecedented. With lockdowns and social isolation being the new normal, unfortunately, many businesses have had to close down due to a lack of customers. Ironically the pandemic has also created conditions quite conducive to starting certain businesses. Services which cater to people who stay at home are increasingly in demand. People are going online to buy services and products, even though things have started opening up a bit.

Interestingly several businesses that have emerged during different global crises have gone on to be huge successes later on like Disney which was started during the Great Depression and Uber which was started during the 2008 US recession.

Why you should start a business now

1. There have been some drastic changes in how people buy products and services. A new business will have the ability to meet this demand much faster unlike older ones which may not be able to adapt quickly to the changing needs. Even larger companies are finding the changes difficult.

2. Your business can go online from day one which is a great advantage and cost-effective compared to overhauling entire existing systems.

3. There is a huge number of talented people available in the market as the pandemic has disrupted several services. You can also assemble a skilled team from anywhere in the world. People are looking for new opportunities, with many willing to make a shift. There are a lot of skilled freelancers available who can help fill the temporary needs of your business.

4. There is less competition for resources now.

5. The pandemic has created a lot of new needs. These needs and problems are great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Big companies like Amazon and Zoom experienced a massive boom since they were able to provide a service that exactly matched a major need of the customers. You don’t have to be huge to be successful though. Many small independent businesses have started in 2020 and thrived.

Successful online businesses

There are a lot of options available for those who would like to start a business. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Delivery Services

People have realized the convenience and the importance of home delivery services. Cleaning services, courier, provisions, and food are some of the services which are doing quite well. More and more people have started buying online, creating massive opportunities for such services.

Customers have started spending more time on product pages on various eCommerce sites. If interested this is the right time to start a home-based delivery business. You can connect with a company like AppsDevelopers Australia(SDI) who can create a great website within a few weeks that meets your business needs. We have created from scratch, highly successful websites for all kinds of businesses.

2. Online tutoring

Students are turning to online sources to learn and gather information. Start a business either by teaching or by providing a platform that provides information about different classes and subjects.

3. Robots

The demand for robots has never been higher than it is now. They are being used for several tasks from scrubbing floors to arranging boxes. AI is being heavily integrated into both corporate and small businesses. This is the best time to start a robotic startup.

4. Freelance writing

In case you have got an aptitude and passion for writing, you can blog, write for others or publish your own book. There is a long list of businesses which you can choose from.

5. Online video games

91% of Australian households have a device that plays video games and it is predicted that the industry could be worth $24 billion by 2023. Some even predict that this will surpass the film industry and become the most popular mainstream entertainment medium. This is an industry which offers a lot of space for new players.

6. Fitness Equipment

There has been a surge in demand for home fitness equipment. Online retailers have been inundated with orders. People have taken to exercising at homes in a big way.

The above list is just a few of the sectors. It’s best to contact an organisation like SDI who will be able to run through the various opportunities available.

A strong app or a website is a necessary prerequisite for an online business to succeed. Our team has developed some of the best apps and websites you will find in the market. We have a large base of very satisfied clients. We have helped several entrepreneurs build their business and most of them have become very successful in the market.

Call us today at +61 422 710 780 or email sunil@sdi.la and let us help you build a successful business.

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