Pandemic-Tired Consumers want Everything to be Instant

May 7, 2021 | Sunil Singh

Normal life has been disrupted by the pandemic in unprecedented ways. Social distancing, avoiding handshakes, and working from home are some of the very significant changes brought about by Covid.

The pandemic has also significantly changed the way people access goods and services. Online sales are increasing massively. Eight out of ten Australians shop online. The eCommerce market penetration rate is 85.2% and it is estimated that the number of people buying online will be more than 21 million this year.

The hallmark of consumerism is instant gratification and the pandemic has made consumers less patient. They expect their needs and concerns to be addressed immediately. The majority of the consumers are working from home and want easy access to services to save time. Convenience and comfort matter a lot to the modern consumer.

Be it food or coffee, people want it fast. This behavior of the consumer has helped several businesses to increase their sales and profits.

Ready to drink cocktails

Pre-blended, bottled cocktails have been a fixture in Australia for quite some time now. With cocktail bars & pubs closing down due to the pandemic, this category got a huge boost with a lot of online sales. Distillers such as Starward have built a small and highly popular pre-mixed package drink. Then there are others, such as the online store Good Spirits which offers Australian bottled cocktails and spirits. The boost is here to stay post-pandemic as more and more people have started preferring pre-bottled drinks.


Instant coffee sales have increased by more than 40 percent during the pandemic. Along with existing players, there is a lot of space for new entrants. Companies such as Griffiths Bros Coffee Roasters and Moonshine Coffee Roasters have seen their sales increase considerably during the pandemic.

Premier development companies like ours can help you start a very successful online business. SDI can build an app that will help you increase your brand value and bring in more sales. An app that offers a very unique experience to your customers. From design to marketing, we will be there along with you to make your brand a huge success.

Meal Kits/Prepackaged Food and Drinks

Meal kits are increasingly becoming popular in Australia and the industry has grown by more than 40 percent. The ready meals market is projected to be worth $1.58 billion by 2024. Online sales of prepackaged meals boomed during the pandemic, and young couples and millennials seem to prefer them the most. These consumers are usually time-poor but very health conscious.

Shoppers are showing a continued interest in meal kits, in their ability to deliver fast and fresh meal options. There is a huge market for fresh and healthy meal kits. Meal kit startups are doing quite well. Shares of companies such as Marley Spoon have increased by more than 200 percent.

This growth is only going to increase as more and more people realize the benefits. There are a lot of benefits as it is very convenient, comfortable and saves valuable time. It is of course essential that the highest quality standards are maintained to attract and retain customers.

The businesses mentioned have leveraged technology to increase sales and bring in more profits. All of them have a strong online presence, either with a highly interactive mobile app or a very user-friendly website which helps them attract customers and popularise their brands.

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