How to Properly Market an App for Global Users

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Market an App for Global Users


There are many types of apps in the marketplace. Maybe you are 100% focused on your app or maybe you just create apps in your spare time. Either way, there is one common thing everyone with an app needs to keep in mind, global users. If you are solely focused on your home country then you are missing a large chunk of the market.


It takes a lot of effort and determination to create a mobile app. Australia shouldn’t be the only place your app is used. The global marketplace can push your app further than you ever thought possible. The marketing strategy for your app is not an easy thing to determine, but once you know what it is, the actual marketing is pretty straightforward.


Having the Right Partner is Important


Let’s take a quick step back for a moment. Before you even get to the marketing, having the right partner to help design and build your app is key. Companies like SDI can be there for every part of the app process: determining the functions, designing, developing, building the website for it, and of course marketing. Each step of the process is necessary so you need a partner who can be there with you through all of it.


Once the marketing step happens that partner needs to have a global reach and understanding so your app has the best chance. The marketing strategy needs to happen during the app building process as well especially when doing global marketing because each country requires its own independent strategy. What you think will work in Australia will not work in other countries. The language barriers, cultural differences, how that culture uses smartphones can all make it difficult to determine the right strategy to use. As difficult as it is there are ways past these challenges to make your app a success.


Finding the Scope of Work


There is one huge mistake that app owners make when they decide to embark on a global marketing plan. That mistake is underestimating the amount of work that has to be done to make that plan successful. Your home country marketing plan is a lot of work but much easier to determine and execute. Once you start adding a new country to market to you have to restart the whole marketing process for that country.


Your budget must reflect the effort that needs to be put in which can be a huge challenge for many entrepreneurs. If you set your budget really low and focus only on the areas where you can market for free like word of mouth and social media you may not gain the results you want globally. It may be sufficient for your home country but it just won’t work internationally. Unless you have serious connections who can market for you, a low global marketing budget isn’t going to make you a sensation.




The amount you spend on your app vs the number of downloads can make or break you. With all the people in the world getting your money back and more is the ultimate success.


If you spend all your money in development and don’t leave any for marketing, you most likely won’t achieve the results you want. However, if you know your target audience and you focus heavily on them then you can definitely help your ROI.


Tailored Marketing


If you think one-size-fits-all is going to work, you are wrong. So many app owners and developers make this mistake. Just do the same thing for everyone and hope people find it. Well, if you do that you will most likely fail.


Imagine marketing to people in the US for a second. Think about marketing to people in the countryside of Georgia versus those in major cities like San Francisco. Those people are in the same country yet are very different and therefore respond differently to marketing. Now think about that same thing but worldwide: Australia, US, Tokyo, Mexico, Nigeria, etc are completely different. With that in mind, you can really see how the same approach won’t work for all these different places.


Testing, Testing, Testing


Testing is something that should always be done no matter if you are marketing globally or just at home. Constantly watch what is happening and use tracking tools to see the results of your efforts. Make changes based on those results. If something isn’t working do something new or make adjustments and see if that works better. This is really going to help make the most of your marketing efforts.


If you don’t do this, it will be a waste of money. No matter how great you think an idea is, you just don’t know if the market likes and responds to it unless you analyze the results. To help understand if the results are positive or not you must determine your baseline. That baseline is your goal based on the amount of money you spend. If you see your sales above that baseline then you know it is working. Of course, if it’s under the baseline then you need to re-evaluate that effort.


How to Create the Baseline


The team at SDI can help you determine your baseline. Our team will build a marketing strategy that is unique to your project which includes a pre-launch campaign that includes the baseline for your marketing.


SDI understands what it takes to create and market apps globally so we know all about the cultural differences, what works and what doesn’t.


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