Is iOS or Android Better to Build an App for First?

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Is iOS or Android Better to Build an App for First

Is iOS or Android Better to Build an App for First

Many people come up with innovative ideas for apps but few move forward to actually get it created. Once you get to that point where you are ready, contact a good app development company to build it. At that moment you should also think about which platform you should develop for. You may think both of course, but let’s take a look at why that may not be the best choice.




When it comes to iOS it can be much easier to build and test on in the sense that you are building for only 1 operating system. Most people have the latest update on their phone so you can be certain that the users will have a better user experience because of this. Also, there are only a handful of different phone sizes making it easier to test and know how exactly how it will look.


When it comes to income, the statistics show that iOS users don’t mind paying to download an app. On average ios users tend to have a higher income compared to Android. Of course, not all ios users have a high income and Android low income. This is just on average. This is, however, important to keep in mind when thinking about your user base.


A drawback to creating an app for Apple is the strict rules and guidelines for apps. When going through the app development process it can be a little difficult to understand and make sure you are following everything correctly. However, if you find the right app development company they will know what they are and let you know right away if Apple will allow it or not.




Next is Android, which surprisingly has almost double the amount of devices as Apple in the global marketplace. Although if you are just going to launch in the US, then devices numbers are about even. One thing that makes Android easier to develop on is the fact that they have less restrictions for app development than Apple. You have more freedom to create what you want.


Android does have more users overall, however, not all the Android users will be able to use your app. The problem is there are just too many different types of devices in the market. There are over 1,000 different Android companies. Those companies make many different types of Android phones and each has a different operating system. When you develop an Android app you can’t build for all these devices as the cost would be outrageous. With Apple, you are only buying an Apple phone, its 1 type of phone vs Android where you can buy Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony, and many more.


Since there are so many different Androids out there this does diminish the user experience. Any great development company will tell you that for Android it is best to build the app for the top 2 Android devices in the market. Of course, you can build on more than that, it just requires quite a bit more money to do so. Also, keep in mind that for Android users don’t tend to pay to download their apps. Instead, app developers put ads inside that app to make their revenue.


Choosing Both Platforms


Being able to launch your app on both iOS and Android is ideal because then you can reach everybody. But remember you won’t reach everyone on Android. To do both is usually pretty pricey although, sometimes you can find an app development company that provides a discount for choosing both.


If you are 100% confident that your app will hit the market and be an instant success then you should definitely develop on both platforms. There is no need to do one at a time if you are in a spot where its a no-brainer or have plenty of funds.


Picking the Right Platform for You


With that information in mind, you should have a better idea which platform will work best for you. If you are still a little unsure you can contact Sunil Singh at +61.422.710.780 to find out more information about which device would be best for you.


Additional things to keep in mind is demographics. Your user base is very important and should be taken into account when deciding. Many good app development companies should guide you on this as it can be difficult to determine. For the most part, the platform you should start with is iOS.


With iOS, you will be able to gather data on users more easily as those devices are more reliable and you know most of the users will be able to actually download and use the app with little to no issues. Testing is more simplistic since it only needs to be done on a couple devices. The only downfall is the strict rules but it really won’t be an issue with the right app development partner.


The only reasons Android would be a must is when your app is specifically tailored for the Android platforms or the app is to be used in 3rd world countries where Apple isn’t prevalent.


Feel free to contact Sunil or SDI with any further questions on development as we would be happy to help you with any of your app development inquiries.