How Will AI Affect Our Future

June 29, 2021 | Sunil Singh

Artificial intelligence is completely reorganising the global economy. It has brought about significant changes in diverse sectors such as education, medicine, military among others. AI is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Data shows that AI in many sectors of business has grown by more than 270%. The impact AI is going to have on our future is tremendous.

The Australian Government has also recognised that sectors such as natural resources, environment, health, and infrastructure will benefit from a strategic approach to AI. AI has a lot of benefits for the average Australian.

Evolution of AI

British mathematician Alan Turing is usually credited as the first person to come up with the idea that machines can think. The idea caught on and several high-profile scientists and investors got involved. There were many breakthroughs and AI has taken the central stage and is here to stay. People in the digital field have realised the power that AI has to change lives.

AI now

AI has started playing a major role in various industries. From workflow management systems to handling customer support calls, it is reducing costs and raising productivity to levels never seen before. AI is assisting financial organisations in detecting fraud, payment processing, insurance, and so on. AI devices are enhancing the delivery and administration of health care in numerous ways like telemedicine and diagnostics. These examples merely scratch the surface of the volume of applications of AI today.

The Future and AI

The impact of AI is going to be felt by every Australian. Going forward AI is going to change the way we work, shop, and communicate.

1. Health care

AI-based applications are slowly taking over the healthcare industry for patients. The possibilities are limitless. From a patient’s electronic footprint AI can extract important information. This can help guide patient management. Since AI is able to simultaneously monitor millions of inputs, in the future it will have a significant role in preventive medicine.

The potential of AI-driven surgery could be of interest to rural Australians. Expert surgeons can carry out surgeries from thousands of miles away. These kinds of advancements could mean world-class medical care would not be limited by location. This is going to benefit huge countries like Australia immensely.

There are several healthcare apps in the market but if you’re interested in building one which offers good value, you should get in touch with a development company like SDI. We have a habit of making apps that are instant hits in the market.

2. Transportation

Australian roads are going to see a lot of self-driving cars in the future. This is expected to bring down the accident rate and help reduce traffic. Driving in a driverless car could give you greater control over your time and also remove the stress of driving. We may even see an autonomous jetliner in the future.

3. Education

AI can help identify the weakness and strengths of each student and thus can be a great ally for both teachers and students. It can provide inputs that can lead to more customised learning. AI can free the teachers from a lot of cumbersome activities and help them concentrate on more important tasks. It can get rid of geographical boundaries and make learning accessible to all.

4. Work

There was a widespread worry that robots will steal jobs but reports suggest more jobs have been created than lost. It is predicted that the Australian economy would reap economic gains of up to $1.2 trillion by 2030 from automation. AI can allow Australian workers to pursue jobs that prioritise their critical thinking skills. AI has already started doing repetitive tasks and in the future, these will be completely eliminated. The future of the workplace may have a lot of bots operating both the back and front end offices. AI can help build solutions customized for each individual consumer.

5. Banking

AI is going to be integral to a bank’s future and success. Banks can achieve operational and cost efficiencies and provide enhanced customer service as AI can customise your financial products and services. By analysing past behaviors it can predict future trends and outcomes. AI technologies can dramatically improve a bank’s ability to achieve key outcomes.

6. Environmental Protection

One of the major threats to humanity is climate change. AI has the potential to fight climate change. It can help monitor CO2 levels and also predict natural disasters. It is predicted that AI can build a digital dashboard where we can monitor and manage environmental issues on a global level. It is now possible to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems with emerging technologies such as AI.

To ensure the success of your business it is important to adapt and integrate AI. We at SDI have created several AI-powered apps which have been quite successful in the digital market. If you have an idea do reach out to our team. We can integrate AI into your app making you a major player in the digital market. To know more call us at +61 422 710 780 or email us at

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