How Wearable Technology Can Help Save Your Life

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Wearable Technology Can Help Save Your Life

Wearable Technology Can Help Save Your Life


Have you ever been in a situation where you wish there was something you could have had to keep that from happening or help you out? With all the amazing wearable technology out there, there is something for you. Imagine catching an illness early on, or being able to call the authorities a lot easier. Now you can with some of these amazing little wearables.




Fitbit has become a major name in fitness tracking. You will find many people walking around with these little stylish wristbands. It truly is an amazing little device that tracks a whole list of items you need to understand your fitness level and improve it. There is one side to it that people don’t notice as much and that is how it can detect your health issues. It has proven to actually help save people by letting them know what issue may be going on so they can get to the doctor right away. This is a great bonus to have that goes above just a simple fitness tracker.


Apple Watch


Everyone knows the Apple watch and knows its meant to be a quick access device for your phone. It’s a convenient way to do things rather than trying to find your phone from whatever hole its hidden in. A while ago Apple released the SOS feature which is pretty much as it sounds. If you have something happen that requires emergency services just a simple tap on the Apple watch can provide those services for you.


There are many situations that happen where grabbing your phone may be more difficult and having that watch on can save you. This has been the case for some people already. It’s a great tool to have.




The company Sense6 Design is based in San Francisco and they are creating smart jewelry that can do things that no other jewelry can. First off, they have designed many types a beautiful jewelry that looks nice and doesn’t look like a junky piece of metal. Next, they have built-in technology into each piece with allows the user to contact the authorities if they are in trouble. It uses Bluetooth that syncs to your phone. This simple piece of jewelry does multiple things at the same time; calls a security agency and provides your GPS, contacts family members by texting them, and records audio of what’s going on. Definitely, a must have as a woman.


L’Oréal My UV Patch


Imagine having a little patch on that literally tells you to get out of the sun. Well, that’s the whole point of this UV patch. With everything going on with our environment, too much sun is a serious problem. Skin cancer is a real issue but you can help yourself by using this patch. If you are a person who enjoys the outdoors and lives in a place where there is plenty of suns then this is for you.




At some point, we’ve all had a moment or multiple moments where we were so tired we almost fell asleep at the wheel. Many accidents have been caused due to driver drowsiness. Imagine being able to be woken up as soon as you started to drift. That is exactly what Vigo does. It’s this amazing little earpiece which nudges you awake by sensing your movements.


Like most devices, it works through Bluetooth. You can program how you want it to wake you up, which is by 1 of 3 ways; playing a song, vibrating, or LED pulsing. It will do just that once it senses you’re falling asleep. It’s a very useful tool for people who do a lot of driving.


There are many different smart devices out there to help you in your daily life and these are no different. The technology still has a long way to go before it’s perfected but where we are at now is a good start. There is always something new coming out and it’s good to stay up to date with the latest.


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