How to Build an App for Streaming Live TV

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Build an App for Streaming Live TV

Build an App for Streaming Live TV

Streaming services like Stan and Netflix have been providing Aussies with access to huge catalogues of stored video. These services freed many of us from annoying roof mounted antennas that we are all so used to. Even better, FreeViewPlus Released its Hybrid TV service, a few years back – oh and now nearly a million Aussies use their service (about 10%).


One needs to look no further than FreeViewPlus to understand just how quickly the trend for Free to Air TV is growing in our nation. Think about it – this company launched about 2 years ago, and already it’s in a 10th of all Australian homes. Let’s take a look at some quick numbers:


• From 2015 to 2016, FreeView’s presence in consumers’ homes increased by 35%;


• 65% of TVs capable of connecting to FreeView have active accounts setup;


• 80% of Smart TVs made in Australia in 2016 have specific FreeView capabilities;


• FreeView expects to double market penetration within the next couple of years and there’s good reason to believe they could do it – pretty easily too.


The final point to bring up here is FreeView’s newest service FreeView FV; FV is a new mobile app for Android and iOS that provides access to the company’s Free-to-Air-TV service from any mobile device with access to a reliable internet connection. It provides access to every Digital Channel available in Australia. Plus it also contains vast libraries to several major TV channels, including SBS On Demand.


While many of you may be like me, where you don’t watch much network TV, but FreeView’s service represents a revolution in how we watch telly. It means that just because you’ve taken down the antenna doesn’t mean you have to miss Formula 1 live races. But even if you aren’t taking advantage of these Free-to-Air-TV services, the market potential here is undeniable.


Hybrid TV (or Streaming TV, or Free-to-Air-TV) have massively taken off around the globe. Dedicated streaming platforms like Netflix and services like Hulu in the US, or HybridTV in Germany, or FreeView here have all made a massive impact on how people watch TV.


In fact, Streaming grew 60% in 2014, especially over SmartPhones. The numbers seem to indicate that as of the start of 2016, 50% of all video watched globally was streamed. Many experts expect that number to be closer to 70% by the end of 2016.


FreeViewPlus is a SetTop Box and thus requires an actual receiver, setting it apart from straight streaming services like Netflix (or, for that matter, like FreeViewFV). But the important take away is that the market is hungering for a digital television service. The best part of a digital service is that you don’t need hardware – just a good coding team. The bad news is that you just can’t fall out of bed and make a successful app for streaming TV – live or recorded.


The good news for the aspiring entrepreneur reading this is that you’ve come to the right place to learn how to make a successful Video streaming app. SDI has nearly 2 decades in the business, and we have offices that stretch from Melbourne, to Silicon Valley and even to London and Mumbai. So here’s some free advice on us


The eternal question: Website or Mobile app? Many of you may be thinking that a website is the right path forward, especially since FreeView has had great success doing just that. But FreeView at that time existed in a world before Mobile took over. Mobile First is the way things are done now, so save yourself time, money, and headaches.


Streaming Platforms take up a huge amount of space and bandwidth. Most users will leave a website or app if it doesnt load in 3 seconds – and this extrapolates to buffering. The more “live” (i.e. showing live League A games) a video is, the more robust your code will have to be. So successful Video streaming services invest heavily in high quality servers. If you don’t have your own, pay to have a dedicated server. It’s expensive but well worth it


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