How Laid Off Employees Can Transform Into Successful Entrepreneurs

May 3, 2021 | Sunil Singh

Being laid off can be quite traumatic. For many, it could be a stressful experience of loss and change. But after the initial shock and anger, you might find this as the opening you always wanted. It could turn out to be a great blessing in disguise.

It has been seen that being laid off spurs people into action and it is this action that creates great companies and great entrepreneurs. There are numerous examples worldwide.

As far as Australia is concerned, there were brutal bushfires in 2019 followed by the covid pandemic. Jobs were lost due to both. If you are one of those who have been laid off recently, this is the right time to follow your passion and start a business of your own.

It can look hard initially without the comfort and security of a steady job. But just think in this way — when you are working more than 40 hours a week, you hardly have the time and energy to pursue your passion. Even though you always wanted to start a business, the nine to five grind has kept you stuck on the treadmill, unable to pursue your dreams or build your business. Now that you have a lot of time, you can start working to build your business and become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

Employee to entrepreneur

The journey from an employee to an entrepreneur can be quite exciting. There are certain steps that you need to follow to make your business a success.

1. Analyse market trends

It always makes sense to do a proper market analysis to see how your idea can be transformed into a profitable business. You can try your idea in small groups to gain insight. You can also conduct interviews and surveys to see how people react.

2. Have a business plan

A business plan can act as a road map for launching your business. The plan can detail what you can offer, your target customers, and the ways you will fund the company. This will help you face challenges and lead your business in the right direction.

3. Build a network

Seek help from your connections. Your network should include experts who will be able to offer you advice. You can also network with others through social media and other online forums. Always be on the lookout for new networking opportunities. The more the better for a new business.

4. Online training sessions

You can also join training courses wherein you can improve your skills and learn new ideas related to your business. Training courses are often administered by the same organization that sponsors industry conferences. You can also build networks and these could serve you for a lifetime.

The necessity of a website

A business’s online presence has a massive impact on its success. In this day and time customers always prefer to visit the website of the company before making a purchase. For a strong digital presence, you need to have a highly interactive and visually rich website. Without a website, customers may even question your legitimacy as a business. A website is a great opportunity to show people that you are a real business. It can showcase your brand, increase sales and make your business a success, a quality website is a must.

All this can look overwhelming but not to worry. Companies like AppsDevelopers Australia(SDI) can help you build your business from scratch. From creating a website to digital marketing, from creating a blog to the backing and protecting your data, you do not need to worry about any of these details. You can focus your entire attention on building your new business and turning what many see as a curse into a life-changing blessing.

Think of your recent layoff as the best day of your life instead of the worst. You no longer need to worry about your boss and bother about the drudgery of the corporate world. You can start by putting your ideas down on paper and listing the things that you are passionate about and what you want to do.

We at SDI specialize in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of building a successful business. The number of entrepreneurs we have helped runs into the thousands. We not only help launch business but also take existing firms to the next level. We can help you succeed and make your dream a reality. You can look back on the day you have lost the job as the best day of your life.

Call us at +61 422 710 780 or email to get started.

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