How Agriculture is changing with Technology

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Farming has seen substantial amounts of change over the years. Most people didn’t realize how drastic those changes would be today. Although farming is still hard work there have been some amazing advances that have increased productivity which in turn has helped our food supply.


Those advances are being used in the entire farming process from planting a seed, keeping the bugs away, weeding, and harvesting. Who are these companies that are assisting these farmers in making their productivity increase?


Spoiler Alert


The food supply coming from the farms is vast and can greatly help feed the whole world. However, the problem is how to get all that food to the people. What Spoiler Alert does is make use of all the food that goes to waste. No more throwing food away but instead giving it to those who really need it.


Spoiler Alert is in Boston and they work with many large food businesses all across the globe to take control and manage their inventory that was not used or sold. Their web-based systems allow those businesses to track all their products as well as analyze all the data. They also have a fantastic online marketplace that gives people the ability to handle food donations and sales.




Smaller farmers are literally the backbone of the whole agriculture sector. That is where MoringaConnect comes in. Their technology is geared towards supply chain management. Within the country of Ghana alone, this amazing system serves over 2,500 farmers.


It hasn’t been on the market that long but they have planted over 300,000 moringa trees. These trees are allowing these rural farmers a chance to flourish and dissolve poverty. What MoringaConnect has done is nothing short of incredible. The income these small farmers receive is now 10 times what they were making before. These trees are helping their crops grow more which makes these farmers and the farmers around them feel more accomplished providing them hope for a better future.


The Jackfruit Company


Eating healthy. Something we should all do. Well, The Jackfruit company takes this to a different level. They want to change the way we eat healthy, protect farmers, and reduce the human footprint on the earth.


That may sound a little crazy. How can a little company like that do something so big? Their mission is to make everyone aware of the Jackfruit (hence their name). The Jackfruit isn’t something that is readily known to most. They want to help farmers and consumers around the world by reducing the waste of this fruit. They’ve already been working on this since 2011 and have been accomplishing their goals.


Up Top Acres


If you live in a city or have visited one you may notice there’s not much farmland. Up Top Acres has solved that problem by making use of rooftops. In Washington, DC they have utilized the empty space on top of buildings by creating farmlands. Their goal is to change urban agriculture in every city.


They have done a fantastic job at transforming the whole metro area. The citizens of that city can now grow their own food which not only reduces food waste but also gives them a new very important skill in today’s world. This company has the means to truly make this a phenomenon that could truly change today’s agriculture.


Hungry Harvest


If you have ever seen Shark Tank, you may have seen Hungry Harvest. Their goal is to provide healthy food to those who really need it. Shark Tank was just the beginning for this company as they have gone far beyond this show.


They started this company because they truly believe that every person has a right to eat great food and not just for people who have money. With every delivery they make, they provide families that are in need of healthy food. It’s not just above giving people food, it’s about the type of food they are given. They have already delivered over 3 million pounds of food which in turn has provided 500 thousand pounds of food to those who truly need it. They even give 50 thousand pounds of low-cost produce.


There are many more companies that have the technology to help agriculture but these are just some of them. These along with many other companies are changing the way we think about farming and the lives of the farmers.


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