How to Create a Countrywide Presence For Your Medical Services

May 17, 2021 | Sunil Singh

The internet has radically changed the way services are accessed and health care is no exception. A recent survey shows that at least 45% of patients searched for hospitals/ medical services online, before visiting one. This holds true for related services like medicine and diagnostic labs also. Online consultations offer a lot of safety and comfort and it has seen a massive increase due to the pandemic.

The global telemedicine market was AUD $53.41 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to AUD $509.27 by 2027. The growth is staggering, especially due to the various measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Things like social distancing and covid patients being given more priority in hospitals have all led to a surge in people accessing telemedicine.

Statistics in Australia are also encouraging. Over 57% of healthcare professionals are currently using a telehealth platform and more than 92% are comfortable and plan to use these new technologies in the future.

Rapid and widespread telehealth expansion is in fact credited with contributing to the successful pandemic response in Australia. Compared to other countries Australia has done well with less number of cases and deaths.

Major players in telehealth such as HealthEngine which is a healthcare booking service saw their bookings rise exponentially. During the pandemic there were more than 30 million bookings on its platform. The pandemic has led to increased acceptance of telehealth both by the medical community and the patients.

If you are in the healthcare industry this is the right time to go online. The opportunities are only increasing and as the data shows, there is a vast space for new players. The conditions are also ideal for creating a healthcare practice from scratch.

Reports increasingly suggest that most patients nowadays choose their provider based on information available online. Online reputation matters a lot when attracting new patients. A strong online presence is a must to build a nationwide medical service.

How to build an online presence

Building an online presence can be challenging but with proper research and plans you can definitely succeed. It is here that you need the help of a premier healthcare app development company like SDI. We can help establish your business in various different ways.

The healthcare app

The first step is you should have an app. It is essential that the app follows the rules and regulations set out by the Privacy Act of 1988. This is the Australian counterpart to HIPPA and is enforceable legislation.

The app should be highly interactive and should have a robust appointment system. It should be very easy for patients to book their appointments. Having features such as appointment reminders and popup messages will make the app more attractive. Messages about offers and discounts will convert visitors into potential customers. Having a newsletter either weekly or monthly also helps keep patients more active and in the know. This can contain useful medical tips, data, and other statistics which will be of use to the visitors.

The app should also have provisions for sharing health records and for recording conversations. The doctors and patients should be able to access them at all times. When the patient goes to a different doctor, it will be easy for the doctor to refer the records and treat the patient accordingly. This is very important and can be a matter of life and death.

Expert health care app developers like SDI can suggest several features to make your app incredibly user friendly but also customisable to your specific needs.

Healthcare marketing strategy

It is imperative that there is an online marketing strategy after the app has been developed. Content such as videos, patient testimonials among others can make your services highly visible. For example, videos can be used to motivate people, by showing human interest stories of patients who have received excellent care. They can also be used to entertain, demonstrate and answer questions. Infographics is another way of showing complex problems in a simple visual form so that people can understand.

If it is a pharmaceutical company having an e-detailing platform about all your products will help a lot. The platform can contain all the details so that physicians and patients can access them whenever necessary.

Online reviews and comments are very important. They should be reviewed and monitored in a systematic way, and issues should be addressed promptly as and when they arise. This is essential to create more confidence and trust in your brand.

These are some of the key ideas that can be implemented along with providing quality health services. There are a lot of others which can be included so as to give an edge to your healthcare business.

Our team at SDI can build a highly customised app for your healthcare business which can prove to be a great asset. Our experts have built several successful apps which are being used all over the world. We can help you distribute the app and build your brand presence. Call us at +61 422 710 780 or email and allow us to create a stunning app for your healthcare business.

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