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The Rising Popularity of Educational Apps

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“There’s an app for that” has seemingly turned into the new “That’s what she said”. There’s an app for everything. For basic applications like writing, camera, calendar, music to complex ones like remote controls for R/C toys, video and sound editing and even Photoshop.
But setting aside productivity and consumer apps, devices today, especially phones and tablets have splendid potential to be used for educational purposes. Android tablet app developers these days are focusing a lot on developing exclusive apps which are optimized for tablets – the gadgets of tomorrow. Read More

Emerging Trends in iPhone App Development

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50 Billion. The number 50, with 9 zeros after it. 50 Billion app downloads surpassed, well over 900,000 apps developed and 10 Billion dollars paid to developers. 575 Million iTunes accounts activated. These are a few metrics dropped by Apple in the recent WWDC event. If such stats don’t lure developers, what will? iOS is more of a safe haven for developers, since apps that enter the market are filtered, and piracy is not as rampant as in Android. It is one of the main reason why businesses today are going for iPhone app development. Also, having a standard configuration to develop for instead of a million different resolutions and chip sets to support for sounds a lot more reassuring and helps expert developers like Apps Developers Australia (SDI)come up with cutting edge work.

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