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Will Apple Change the World of Smartphones in Less Than a Week?

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

It is no more the domain of rumors that Apple has a big-ticket iPhone event lined-up this month. What is controversial and hotly debated is the exact agenda.
The rumors
A variety of alleged ‘leaks – first by the Foxconn factory in China and the ones doing rounds on social media – all point to a rumored cheap and colorful iPhone. The official Apple invite is bedecked in diluted colors that remind one of the iOS 7.
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How Custom iPhone Apps are Empowering the Average User

 |  Article Source: Muthuram

This is the new mantra for gadget freaks. The iPhone is coolest thing you could possibly own and with a few additional apps, it becomes positively irresistible. An interface customized with a touch and personalisation has experts and novices swooning over this gadget. A large part of this allure can be attributed to Custom iPhone Apps. You now have everything at your fingertips, quite literally!

iPhone is all about empowering users and enabling them to perform tasks about which they could only dream earlier. The gadget, which was first unveiled in 2007, has revolutionized the very concept of handheld devices. Read More

Top 5 photo editors for iPhone and iPad

 |  Article Source: Kate Flunk

Apple’s relentless innovation machine keeps cranking out better and better products with every release. A picture being worth a thousand words, one area of Apple’s specific focus (so to speak) has been on photo taking. Within such a small form factor as a mobile phone or tablet, it is challenging to include the best of lenses, so photo editors that can recreate reality are an important accessory.

The following applications have been compiled and reviewed for you if you are a Photo buff using an iPhone or iPad. Read More