Ways to Receive More Downloads for Your Mobile App

September 20, 2021 | Sunil Singh

You have got an amazing app which you want the whole world to use but sadly nobody is downloading it. Google play store and Apple app store sell more than four million apps together. There is a real danger of your app getting lost in this sea of apps even though it works very well. There is tremendous competition and it is quite challenging to get a user to download a new app.

The following are some of the important strategies that can help boost your mobile app downloads.

App Store Optimisation

To increase the visibility of your app it is necessary to follow a set of practices known as App store optimization(ASO). People usually find their apps via the search feature of the app store. Hence it is essential that your app is quite visible for users to find them when they search.

Some of the important tips related to ASO are

    1. The title should be chosen properly

    Choosing the right keyword for your app title is crucial. The keywords should fit naturally in the title to see more downloads. You can even use third-party tools to identify app keywords and titles.

    2. Keywords

    As keywords are important criteria for ranking in the app store, they should be closely monitored and changes are made as and when necessary. Efforts should be made to consistently maintain a good ranking.

    3. App description

    A clear description helps the user understand your app better. The purpose and benefits should be clearly mentioned in the description to encourage users to download the app.

    4. Positive reviews

    An app that has more positive reviews will have a higher rating which will naturally increase downloads. Strive to get more positive reviews.

    5. Resolve negative reviews promptly

    If you have negative reviews, attend to them promptly. Resolving them or just hearing them will create a lot of confidence among the users. It will help raise your app’s rating considerably.

    6. Localisation

    It is a good idea to localize your app to local languages if possible. People are more comfortable using apps in their local languages.

    7. Properly designed screenshots

    Your screenshot should highlight the best features of your app as users tend to check them first when they land on your app page.

    8. Backlinks

    Including backlinks to relevant pages will improve your app ranking.

Create an attractive app icon

Create an enticing app icon to attract users. The icon should be eye-catching and should show a clear representation of your brand. It should also be easily recognizable.

Create a unique landing page

Create a powerful landing page that can drive users towards conversion. The design should be creative and personal with an alluring look. Your landing page URL should be used wherever possible.

Social media marketing

The reach and use of social media are quite extensive. It is a powerful medium to communicate with customers and discover untapped markets. Having a strong online presence is a must to make your app popular. You can post important information, create groups and provide customer support. Such involvement will increase word of mouth praise for your commitment and will lead to an increase in downloads. Informative and relevant posts can keep your users engaged.

Create an app preview video

The Google Play Store, as well as Apple App Store, allows you to upload a preview video of your app. Using this opportunity you can create a high-quality professional video to impress your users. The video can have humor and something unique to connect with the users. You can have videos in different languages to connect with a vast section of people.

Mobile app awards

Apply for awards in your app category. If you win you get a lot of positive press which could help increase downloads. Running contests is another interesting way to promote your app.

Freemium strategy

Freemium strategy is a good way to promote your app initially. It is always difficult to get users to try out new apps. You can allow the users to use the core for free, charging them only for premium features. Pricing can be adjusted based on your competition to attract more users.


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