Australia Rising: Why Adelaide is the New Global Tech Destination

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Australia Rising Why Adelaide is the New Global Tech Destination

Australia Rising Why Adelaide is the New Global Tech Destination

Silicon Valley might be the tech capital of the world, but Australia is no slouch in the tech world:


• “Tech Innovation Labs” from giant tech companies are popping up in Sydney and Melbourne (plus Adelaide, to be discussed later).


• The Aussie Startup sector has phenomenal potential, with the ability to create 500,000 new jobs and generate over $100 Billion by 2033;


• Tech is also creating new jobs in Advanced Manufacturing (aka the future of manufacturing. Already, Australia is a leader in the Global Adv. MFG sector, and we’re poised at the brink of dominating this field; and


• The government is already providing incentives (financial and otherwise) for ADV. MFG and other tech fields.


Now, Adelaide is about to become a member of a very elite group: they are on the path to become the first city in Australia to have Gigabit Internet. The cities where you can get internet that fast are few, mostly in the US. How fast is the internet in a “Gigabit City”? Well, the national average for broadband speeds range from 1 to 10 MB per second.


The city of churches plans on delivering internet speeds of 1 to 10 gigabits or 100X everywhere else in Australia. This makes Adelaide an extremely attractive tech destination spot. Gigabit internet provides businesses with a significant leg up over competition, mostly due to lightning fast server speeds:


• Faster product cycles (meaning you can develop new products, faster and more often – and based off real, actionable data);


• The Cloud can be an effective tool to help SMBs and startups Grow Lean (limited infrastructure, hardware, staff, etc). The biggest hurdle to adoption of the Cloud is slow internet. Gigabit internet speeds ensure that cloud-based businesses are fully functional – and can respond with more alacrity than non-cloud businesses.


• One thing that is clear about the new world of business is that becoming a global organization is much simpler than ever before. But to do this successfully, you need to have robust video conferencing capabilities (we can help with that by the way). But even with the awesomest code, standard internet speeds can make this difficult – at best. For stable video conferencing, it is recommended that you have speeds of 2-3 MB. Obviously, Gigabit Cities can provide this and more.


• The Internet of Things (IoT) is dependent upon fast internet. Thus, Gigabit cities are like catnip for Gadget and Gadget app businesses.


So by joining the ranks of Gig cities, Adelaide has made itself extremely attractive to tech Startups and tech-oriented businesses. And the good news for Startups and Business doesn’t end there – after all, we haven’t even mentioned the Tonsley Precinct, aka Australia’s first and only “Innovation District.”


So Adelaide has, or will soon have, the infrastructure (Gigabit Internet), the environment (the Tonsley precinct), and a huge pool of trained tech employees (After all, over 1,000 people are work within Adelaide’s Innovation District). Importantly, this is a potent combination, one that attracts the final element to creating a robust tech economy: Venture capitalists and Angel Investors.


Not to sound overly much like a cheesy infomercial, but wait, there’s, more! Adelaide is also committing $5.5 million to co-invest with tech-based investors. While many of the plan details are murky (what else would you expect from the government?), all the evidence points to Adelaide quickly becoming a tech destination spot for entrepreneurs and startups.


Let’s take a look at a couple of areas where Tech is being used by businesses in new, effective, and innovative ways.


Tung Tran and the MyEvidence App


Mr. Tran was a police officer who was tragically shot (don’t worry, he’s alright now) while on duty. But this led him to discover his Entrepreneurial side. He started thinking about how tech can help police become better. He built an app that allows investigators to store electronic evidence.


Even prior to the Gigabit internet upgrade, this app was making waves, waves large enough that he caught the attention of the Brits. Next year he’s presenting his app to the UK Metropolitan Police Department. Mr. Tran is also a recipient of the coveted AMP Tomorrow Makers Grant, which he will be using to add more value to his app and extend it’s usefulness to First Responders as well Police.


Smart Gadgets and the IOT: SA Waters


While hardly a startup or new business in any way, SA Waters is nonetheless using tech to improve the service they offer. In a recently announced pilot program, SA Waters will install Smart Sensors on water pipes throughout Adelaide’s Inner City. These sensors will inform SA Waters when a pipe bursts or even leaks.


In other words, they’re installing a system of Smart Pipes (eventually) all throughout Adelaide. This will move Adelaide closer to being on even smaller list than the Gigabit Cities list – that of a Smart City. Smart Cities are the cities of the future, showing us what Infrastructure development will look like in the next few decades to centuries.


But Adelaide only has the opportunity to become a Smart City thanks to the fantastic capabilities provided by Gig Internet.


So there it is, Australia – the future is knocking; will you answer the door?


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