5 Must Have Gadgets of 2016

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5 Must Have Gadgets of 2016

5 Must Have Gadgets of 2016

There are many differing stats on exactly how many devices and Gadgets are added to the Internet of Things everyday. Some reports place this as high as a billion a day, others place it much lower – but still pretty high in reality. Really, it doesn’t matter, because either way there are still a ton of Gadgets added to the IoT constantly.


There are the Gadgets that we expect to be Smart, Watches, Gadgets designed for the internet (i.e fitbit) added that, 10 years ago, we’d never would have even thought of of as being “Smart:” Toasters, Fridges, Clocks, Watches, security Cameras – even pacifiers! Not to mention the AI operating systems that are being created to manage all of these Smart devices!


So with all of the awesome new gadgets and Smart toys out there, we thought we would review our top 5 Favorite Gadgets of 2016. Keep in mind, a Gadget is a platform, just like a Laptop, Tablet, or SmartPhone. And just like all of those platforms, they all need apps. That’s where we come in – SDI builds apps for any platform: gadgets, phones, homes, toasters; we do it all.


Most Gadgets are completely open to third-party development, meaning you can build another app for it. But if you have your own Gadget, we can also help you build an app interface for it. We’ve done it before and know all the tricks and secrets to making a perfect Gadget App. No matter what your development needs, SDI can help!


But without further ado, let’s get into our favorite Gadgets of 2016. First up, a Local Aussie company making Pub life easier.


Nuheara’s IQbuds


This Australian-based hardware developers recently released their Gadget – wireless Earbuds. Now I know what you’re thinking. Wireless headphones aren’t anything new. Some, built for exercisers and fitness buffs, are quite popular; Apple’s AirPods are another example and they weren’t exactly the most popular thing ever released by the legendary tech company.


But IQbuds are different than other Wireless earbuds. They connect to internet devices via Bluetooth, which IS like other wireless buds; but unlike other examples, IQBuds aren’t meant for working out. Almost the exact opposite: they’re almost perfectly tailored to help hear in large crowds – like a pub.


They use a complex algorithm to block out unwanted background noise. Then, a bunch of tiny microphones built into the buds help amplify the conversation in which you are actually involved. Plus, a SmartPhone app helps tie it all together, allowing Users to adjust the volume and noise cancellation effect – by ear.


Griffin Technology


We hesitated to put this on here, because it’s not available in Australia yet; but we expect it will be released here soon. Not to mention, this is a pretty cool Gadget, despite its mundane appearance. Griffin Technology’s Gadget is a power charger (or, rather, two power chargers, the PowerJolt Beacon, and the PowerBlock Beacon).


Sounds boring right? And when our Silicon Valley office sent us this, claiming it to be “the coolest thing ever,” I strongly questioned their judgement. After all, I hear they just legalized weed over there, and our Bay Area counterparts really love to talk about how “cool” things are. But unfortunately, we must concede this one to the Americans: the Beacon Chargers are pretty “cool.”


Like the IQbuds, they connect to Smart devices over Bluetooth. However, the real selling point of this is that it’s designed to know when your phone or tablet is nearby and will send a notification to said device. You can even set another reminder to let you know when your battery reaches a certain level of depletion. For those of us who are always forgetting to top off our battery, this is super useful.


Fēnix 3 MultiSport GPS Watch


We admit it: SmartWatches are kind of old news at this point. With Android Wear seeing some success (plus it appears Apple has made some massive improvements to the Watch Series 2), the SmartWatch business is starting to hit its stride. More than that, it appears that SmartWatches are considerably more popular in the Asian and South Pacific Markets – like Australia. In other words, SmartWatch Apps are smart venture for Aussie entrepreneurs.


The Fēnix Watch is one example of new SmartWatch enterprises, but is backed by legendary GPS builders Garmin. Garmin became popular in the world of navigation with their exceptionally robust and useful dashboard and hand-held mounted GPS devices. Last year, Garmin released a SmartWatch that was capable of the same navigation features as their other devices.


But the Epix was so big it kind of made you feel like your were running around with a cement block tied to your wrist. Enter the Fēnix 3: same navigation features, smaller than a house. ALl kidding aside, the Fēnix is slim, sleek, and sexy. And it’s about as rugged as it can be, designed for everyday wear AND intense activity.


I love hiking, but going out without some sort of navigation ability is mad. And even though I’ve been doing it for years and am pretty capable, I’ll get lost sometimes. The Fēnix 3 is wicked because it lets me create “breadcrumbs,” or GPS Markers allowing me to recreate my journey, pretty much every step of the way.


There are other notable applications for the professional outdoorsmen, such as Field Engineers, Surveyors, or even Archaeologists. The ability to place a highly accurate GPS marker without having to put a survey on hold is undeniable to anyone in these types of fields. Plus, its ability to navigate in fairly remote areas makes it a great tool for people who operate business that involve adventure hikes.


Build an App for Gadgets in 4 Weeks


Gadget app development require a different approach than standard app development. The good news for the inquiring entrepreneur is that SDI knows how what it takes. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again – will it be your gadget app that we make a success? Give us a call at 0422 710 780 – or click to contact us!