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One Million Plus Android Apps – What is Means for Developers, Consumers and Businesses

 |  Article Source: Mouro

The recent announcement of Android’s numero uno position in the app world should not come as any surprise to consumer tech analysts and aficionados. Android now powers 70 million tablets, which means 50% of the global tablet market.

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How Custom iPhone Apps are Empowering the Average User

 |  Article Source: Muthuram

This is the new mantra for gadget freaks. The iPhone is coolest thing you could possibly own and with a few additional apps, it becomes positively irresistible. An interface customized with a touch and personalisation has experts and novices swooning over this gadget. A large part of this allure can be attributed to Custom iPhone Apps. You now have everything at your fingertips, quite literally!

iPhone is all about empowering users and enabling them to perform tasks about which they could only dream earlier. The gadget, which was first unveiled in 2007, has revolutionized the very concept of handheld devices. Read More

Getting To Know Your iPhone: Harnessing The Power Of Google Apps

 |  Article Source: Sally

Whether you have just purchased your first iPhone or are looking to make the most of your long standing Apple device, there are plenty of ways that you can harness the power of the Google Apps service and your Google account. A great communication and collaboration tool for any sized business, the Google Apps suite includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other cloud-based productivity applications. Read More

The Importance of Typography in Web Design

 |  Article Source: Sakshi Sharma

Have you closely observed the writing style, design or pattern of any website? Think of all the different styles, headlines, blocks or patterns that you have noticed on a website, and you may soon realize that typography is a crucial part of web designing, and is something which is a pure combination of science and art.

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