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Custom Apps Rule the Roost in the World of Information Technology

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

In these times when business practices and needs change so frequently and new trends are set every other day, apps developed for mass markets do not serve the purpose. The “one size fits all” approach is no longer valid in the world of technology.

Businesses often feel the pinching lack of the unavailability of the precise software which addresses all their needs. There were times when more often than not such software and apps were simply not available in the tech market. This led to the emergence of custom app development which was all about customized IT solutions for a business.

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Key Aspects of Designing a Smart TV

 |  Article Source: Sunil Singh

As anyone following the news can tell you, the future is apps and software. The app as we know it, a compact piece of beautiful code and design that adds functionality, was born with the first iPhone. Since then, the ability to instantly add new features through apps has evolved to Android devices, to now even TVs.

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Top 5 photo editors for iPhone and iPad

 |  Article Source: Kate Flunk

Apple’s relentless innovation machine keeps cranking out better and better products with every release. A picture being worth a thousand words, one area of Apple’s specific focus (so to speak) has been on photo taking. Within such a small form factor as a mobile phone or tablet, it is challenging to include the best of lenses, so photo editors that can recreate reality are an important accessory.

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