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SDI’s app experience

We build apps on every major platform, and have extensive experience with native SDK’s and hundreds of first and third party API’s. Clients have used our development services to reach out to both established and emerging consumer markets through robust features, beautiful design and valuable strategic assistance. We’ve also served businesses small and large in creating high-productivity custom mobile tools.

Celebrity iPhone apps

What's next

Successful apps provide new, easier, better ways of accomplishing tasks. Think about what’s needed next, how you can improve a current system or fulfill a need. Huge opportunities await entrepreneurs who target hot new platforms or unique consumer needs. Bring your ideas to SDI and we will identify technologies to make it work, make it cool, and launch your idea into the market.


Everybody loves cool, it can be a Game, it can be something fun or it can be something really boring but presented better. Sotheby's built an iPad app that allows visitors to delve deeper and look at brushstrokes or watch the history of the artist in an interactive presentation. Booking hotels/flights was boring,
The Kayak app makes it super easy. Think how you can turn something boring and mechanical into cool and easy. We will work with you on detailing the concept, present it smarter &
turn it into a Money spinner.

KAYAK Travel Booking App

New territories/countries

If you are in a country/location that is underserved by current mobile app offerings, then you are in a hot zone for entrepreneurial success. Add a local twists to proven ideas, or create brand new experiences tailored to your budding markets. Can you identify a need or a service that can serve your local market? Talk to us about it. We will assist in completing the concept, building the app, and launching it in any area and language of your choice.

Fruit Ninja Game App