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Gadget App Experts

SDI’s gadget app developers have started building smart apps for the new wave of non-traditional consumer devices, also referred to as "wearables, drivables, flyables, and scannables." This rapidly expanding market for gadget apps is a call to innovation for aspiring entrepreneurs and idea-people everywhere.

Gadget App

Wearable Computing

The wearable industry is expanding in many directions. With the introduction of the Apple Watch, smartwatches have become one of the hottest technologies on the market! Wearable technology is on the rise, and app-makers have a unique opportunity to turn these hardware innovations into creative app solutions. From critical health monitoring tools to convenient notification platforms, wearables provide great features for all kinds of users and are quickly becoming indispensable staples of modern society.

Smartphone Gadget App

Apps for headless devices

SDI builds apps for all kinds of WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled headless devices. Our gadget app developers can build your App to link with or control any kind of connected gadget, from dog collars to industrial machinery and beyond. We build headless device apps for flawless connectivity and unparalleled convenience.

SDI’s gadget app developers design clean, captivating interfaces that power connected experiences on the Internet of Things. Contact us for a free gadget app consultation.