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Your idea, Our skills = Success

SDI’s App Developers have built 1000+ mobile apps in every category imaginable—Utilities, Communication, Entertainment, Social Media, etc. We have the skills, so if you have the idea let us hear it! Consumers download 100 billion apps from the iTunes App Store & Google Play each year, creating a trillion dollar digital economy. As smartphones get more pervasive, app demand will only get bigger. In such a huge market, even niche areas such as specialized e-learning, remote healthcare, or localized mobile commerce can be extremely lucrative. Discuss your idea with SDI under a non-disclosure agreement and we will provide an in-depth appraisal of success potential, costs and monetization opportunities.

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Apps for Australia, New Zealand

You can be successful in your consumer apps venture by identifying gaps in your local app market, or tweaking existing app concepts for localized needs. For mobile pioneers in Australia & New Zealand, the consumption preferences broadly mirror the US market, but the ANZ region is still young in terms of consumer app adoption so huge opportunities abound down under. Looking at what has succeeded in similar markets makes it easy to formulate a winning strategy for a hit consumer app for the underserved Aussie consumer.

Consumer Apps Market

Building your ROI

Creating a profitable consumer app is easy if you know how to monetize it. If users flock to download the app, but engagement tapers off in a few months then you should charge for the download. If they stay engaged over long periods of time, then consider going ad-supported or using a low subscription fee. Other monetization models such as in-app purchases can also make you a lot of money. SDI has experience with every one of these models as well as integration with mobile payment systems to support any kind of monetization strategy.

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Good Design, Rich Returns

An app can help you engage with a massive user base, provided it has been designed with certain key features that encourage repeated use. Features like push notifications, location integration, or social networking, can combine with a great User Experience (UX) to build an amazing app that keeps users coming back for more. These Apps will be purpose-built for mobile phones and tablets, leveraging the best capabilities of their intended devices. Talk to our mobile experts today for a free app idea consultation.

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