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Apps for the Smart Business

Business apps on phones & tablets are revolutionizing small businesses and enterprises alike. Attendees at the ‘One More Thing’ conference in Melbourne confirmed that Apps are becoming primary doorways for information and transactions. Business app solutions are being re-crafted from older legacy, desktop softwares and paper-based systems so that managers and employees can have instant control of their workflow through a mobile device.

Small Business Mobile Apps

We’ve built 300+ business apps

Business apps facilitate sales, provide real-time information on inventory and enable access to visual presentations in the field, giving instant information on product features, training or executive updates. In addition to reducing costs and time, the high-tech image can help close deals & build relationships with clients.

Our tablet app developers have built business apps that allow...
...realtors to display property details
...educators to provide study materials and fashion designers to showcase designs
...architecture firms & clothing companies to display samples

Tablet Business Apps

Design in service of the experience

SDI’s expert app designers create visually stunning organizational tools that integrate with cloud based software to make your data centrally accessible. Our business app designers are experienced & skilled at creating clean UI’s, smart workflows, and readable reporting screens that completely replace archaic paper & spreadsheet based systems. We begin every project by thoroughly discussing your needs and understanding your processes before applying our knowledge & experience to create a smart, familiar app experience that brings the full power of mobility to your business. Contact our App Development experts or email now!

Business App Design