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Many companies are experimenting with tablet computers in their factories/warehouses. They can record data on items during a pick-up, allow employees to stay organised at all times and scan barcodes. The major benefit that tablets can bring to workers is simply the mobility to review their data on the move. SDI Android Tablet developers are super qualified for this type of app development.

Android Tablet App Specialists

We have also created Apps for Sales/customer engagement. These are very useful during high end sales pitches. They are more natural to use during a conversation than a laptop or desktop computer. Let SDI Android app development experts help you develop a sales presentation/Customer engagement app.

App Sales Engagement

Our Android App developers have also developed Apps for Restaurants, Hotels and E-learning. Mobile learning, through tablets can empower personnel, energize your field organization and augment any educational experience in real-time. These apps are designed primarily for purposes such as geolocation, data access, readers and maps that can further be adapted for educational purposes. After all learning is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives and can be integrated into every action we take.

Android Tablet Apps Development

SDI has built several LMS systems from scratch, using open source or proprietary tools and these have been enhanced with e-learning features taking into account the form factor of the device. SDI's expertise in Android and iPad Apps development will be the key to the successful use of your app as an everyday tool.

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