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Android Apps

Business apps for the smarter business

Due to a superior advertising campaign, when we think of apps, we think of those developed for iOS. But did you know that all over the world, those using Android devices is actually growing faster than those using Apple?

Android apps offer greater flexibility and more potential to create your own digital world through an app. With help from the Android app developers team at SDI, your app will grow along with the increasing numbers of those switching to this device platform!

Let us put your idea up in lights!

Even the smallest idea has the potential to transform people’s lives in a way that has never seen before. Your new Android app, developed by the team at SDI, will showcase this capacity. Our Android developers can even create apps for businesses, guaranteed to increase sales!

Want to know about some of the things that our android app developer team have created? We’ve successfully developed:

  • Interactive games for Android.
  • Directory assistance apps.
  • Engaging apps for businesses.
  • Apps for online based services.

Why develop an Android app?

Apart from Android apps experiencing unprecedented growth right across the globe, the real benefit is in the detail of the platform. At SDI, we develop native Android apps, which make good use of the entire Android system, delivering you a product that will reap the rewards.

Businesses that have benefitted from our Android apps have reported a dramatic increase in direct sales, click through rates, and even website traffic! Our Android apps are also designed to interact, and not be simply viewed, helping you to reach out to your audience like never before.

Why choose us to develop your Android app?

The Android apps developer team at SDI has been working with the platform since it came out way back in 2008. The experience we have gained during this time has put us ahead of the field in terms of knowing what works, and how best to utilise the Android app system.

We’ve also got a creative mind. We listen to your ideas, and what you want out of your Android application. We then set to work to design an Android app that will not only be attractive and engaging, but also one that showcases your vision or business in amazing detail.