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With Android apps, you have unlimited options. Let SDI help you develop your app for Android Phones and Tablets. We will design, build and publish your app on Google Play and Amazon App Stores and you will earn the rewards.

Android powered mobility for apps and smartphones is booming. SDI Android App Development experts specialize in efficiency. Sometimes a simple idea can dramatically change people’s lives. If you have that idea, We can build it quickly and at a low cost. Lets brainstorm together and envision your product. We will start helping you from the very first phone call.

We specialize in Native Android apps. These are built to take advantage of the specific underlying OS. A native app may be the right solution if you are keen on extracting every last feature from the hardware platform and making your app truly shine in that environment. Advertisers report much higher CTR (click through rates) for native apps because of their tight interaction with users.

SDI has successfully built and launched dozens of native Android apps. Connect with us for building native Apps and you will be pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail we can bring to your App.