How AI for Apps Can Make you Rich

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How AI for Apps Can Make you Rich

AI for Apps Can Make you Rich

Artificial Intelligence has exploded in the last couple of years, going from a fledgling technology to an industry worth potential billions of dollars. Out of all the leaders in this new field, the tech Giant Google has come out as AI’s biggest advocate. Google is clearly pushing hard to include advanced AI techniques for all Android apps.


This is with good reason: AI stands to revolutionize the world. This massively blanket statement seems like it’s hyperbole; but in reality it’s absolutely true. AI is improving how we run the world: from the mundane like Allo (Google’s new AI enhanced Messaging App), to Gadget Apps that know before you do when you’re about to have a medical emergency. Hell, Stanford University just released a report that found AI will lead to better policing, largely divorced from human error!


The point to all of this is that now is the time to get involved. There are some benefits that make this an ideal time for market entry:


• AI has clear applications to seemingly every industry in the world;


• The technology is new, so the competition is minimal (though rapidly growing);


• The tech is not so new. This means that it won’t be overly buggy and many of the biggest issues have been rectified.


AI seems so futuristic that many find it unapproachable (or are worried about costs) but AI is already used in many of the apps on your phone. Part of this confusion lies in this term being muddled over the years. For instance, when we say AI may think of a “I, Robot” or a “C-3PO.” But that’s AI that is still years in the future.


The AI we’re talking about here is much simpler. Take Siri, or Google Now: both use predictive AI algorithms to better understand what its users want. The point here is that AI adds value to any project – and there is a real lack of Apps that use AI. Apps are the way we interact with our machines – which is why they are so valuable to Users of all stripes.


Why don’t we take a look at some of the So let’s take a bigger look at three App Fields where AI can add value – and make you money.


Messaging Apps and AI


This is the least sexy of the areas we will talk about today, but it’s probably the most practical. That’s largely because many of the best AI features for areas like Policing and HealthCare are being developed. While the tech is just a short ways off, AI for Messaging apps is here, now. For instance, apps like Facebook and AlIo already both use AI – they just call them ChatBots.


Allo is great because it’s designed to understand basic conversational context. So when you’re talking about getting a bite to eat with your friend, Allo will suggest local restaurants. It will even look for specific restaurants. Let’s say you’re friend suggests a burrito; Allo automatically will display places nearby to grab a burrito.


Facebook Chatbots are similar, driving retails sales and simplifying the buying process. This feature especially is worth highlighting: as any retailer knows, the easier something is to buy, the more of it you will sell. In reality you don’t even need to build an entire messaging platform to create Bots; with simple investment, you can rapidly create bots for all sorts of retailers, to work on Facebook or other messaging platforms.


Gadget Apps for HealthCare


Many Gadget apps already use AI to track health, one of the coolest being a pacifier that tracks an infant’s sleep patterns (and more). But the future of Gadget apps walks hand in hand HealthCare and Artificial Intelligence.


Imagine Band-Aids that monitor infections and healing rates; glasses that track ocular degradation; a gadget that tells you when you’re about to have a serious medical emergency – and calls an ambulance before you even know there’s a problem; or even a ring that monitors insulin levels for Diabetic patients.


And this is all on the Patient end: there are plenty areas AI can help improve the business side of HealthCare, from better coverage to improved analytic reporting. Already companies are beginning to realize how advantageous AI can be – but there’s still plenty of room to grow for the clever entrepreneur.


Policing and AI


This area is definitely ‘pie in the sky’ as compared to the other industries discussed. By that I mean that using AI for predictive policing is still a few years out for the majorly cools stuff. But already predictive AI tools are being used to track potential terrorist targets, international crime, even for picking up on commonalities not seen by flesh and blood eyes.


Police can even use AI to create predictive hotspots of crime, identifying key patterns that the human mind cannot identify (or at least can’t identify as quickly as AI!). Already, AI is having a dramatic impact on crime and police departments from Melbourne to Silicon Valley are anxious for technologies to help them do their jobs even better.


Melbourne’s AI App Developers


The application of AI and the amazing computing power that Machine learning offers are virtually endless; so there’s only one question left: Ready to put AI to work for your App? SDI has the App development tools your SMB or Startup Needs to succeed. Give us a call at 0422 710 780 – or click to contact us!